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By:  Willie Barney
Revive! Omaha Magazine

May 27, 2020

In response to the murder of George Floyd and the continuous senseless violence against black men.

Stay Strong.  A New Day is Coming.

Reality. America has had its knee on the neck of black men since its beginning. Slavery. 3/5th of a man. Jim Crow. Redlining. Prison industrial complex. Destruction of lives, families and property. Now, it’s being televised and broadcast daily on social media. Can you imagine what was happening before the cameras began to capture this reality? Even with cameras on, it is still happening.

And for those that always raise the “what about black on black crime” flag every time incidents like this happen, we are just as concerned anytime a person loses their life to any kind of violence. But make no mistake, when you see people who are sworn to protect and serve, use their power to murder a man on the street, it also calls for an immediate response and call for justice. And after investing nearly 15 years in a fight to end gun violence, I’ve come to realize that even the everyday street violence is a byproduct of neglect, racism, disinvestment and systemic oppression.

I am tired of the devastating deaths, threats and falsified accusations. I’m praying for the family of George Floyd and all of those impacted by this straight out racism, senseless violence, hatred and murder. The officers should be arrested and charged.

Even in the midst of COVID 19 and these repetitive tragedies, I fully believe that 2020 is a turning point. From the excruciating pain and suffering, will come revival, restoration and revitalization. We will not stay down for much longer.

Stay strong brothers, sisters and allies. I’ve read a lot of posts of frustration, anger, exasperation and some that appear to be overwhelmed and want to give up. We’ve come too far to give up now.

The middle passage didn’t destroy us. Slavery didn’t destroy us. Jim Crow didn’t destroy us. Segregation didn’t destroy us. Senseless violence will not destroy us. Always remember, we are gifted, resilient, overcomers, kings and queens. Our time is coming.

These deaths will not be in vain. Together, we will solve this. Our history and my life experiences tell me it’s possible to create change. We’ve been able to move the dial here. While not perfect and there’s always more work to do, we have collectively built stronger relationships and we will keep doing so. A new day is coming. Stay strong.

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Community Features

Ted Lampkin: Rising to Meet the Challenge

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Charles Drew Health Center

Growing up down the street from Charles Drew Health Center, Inc., it was no question for Ted Lampkin to give back to the community that helped raise him.

“I’m passionate about public health because I am a product of public health services. Coming up, my family and I used the services at Charles Drew.”

As the Associate Director of Behavioral Health Services, Ted has been on the front-line teaching and training team members in new approaches to behavioral health. It’s no surprise that when COVID-19 struck, Ted was front and center.

“My role was to help transition the Behavioral Health department from doing face-to-face therapy to telehealth therapy.”

While COVID-19 began to escalate, increasing evidence highlighted racial and ethnic minority groups are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

“We made it easy for the patients, providing traditional face-to-face, telehealth, and when needed telephonic sessions. A lot of patients had anxiety about COVID-19 and being in the middle of a pandemic, in addition to their other stressers.”

“The benefit of telehealth is we can continue to provide quality service during a pandemic. You take out the barriers to care with telehealth.”

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Community Features

Brenda Avant: Providing Quality Healthcare in the Midst of COVID-19

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Charles Drew Health Center

As a North Omaha native, Family Nurse Practitioner, Brenda Avant, understands educating her patients about their healthcare choices is a foundational principle to accessing safe and quality healthcare.

When the pandemic shut down Omaha metro schools, Brenda and the team members at Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. School-based Health Centers had to switch gears. While still providing in-person care, the SBHC Medical providers began utilizing telehealth to remain in contact with their patients.

“The telehealth program at Charles Drew really grew at that time. As Medical providers, we were able to continue serving our student patients through telehealth. The parents really enjoyed it because they felt even through a pandemic their child’s provider is still in tune with their needs.”

As the pandemic surged, the healthcare inequalities within the American health system began to come to the foreground. “It made me proud to see that Charles Drew was a front runner in COVID-19. The community was looking to us to help guide them through.”

“Charles Drew made it very easy for the population we serve to continue receiving care. We may be small, but we are mighty.”


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Community Features

Larry Duncan: Resiliency in the Face of a Crisis

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Charles Drew Health Center

Hailing from the south side of Chicago, Larry Duncan, Director of Behavioral Health Services at Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. has always had a passion for helping others. “My passion, at first, started off with a drug and alcohol emphasis based on my own experiences and knowledge. As I grew and received more education, mental health became the next umbrella. It rests with my understanding that there are unique issues that affect black and brown people, and people who are marginalized.”

Within the first year serving at Charles Drew, Larry faced his biggest challenge yet, leading a team while in the mists of coronavirus. “The number one thing we did quickly was become active.” As COVID-19 began to highlight the care gaps within marginalized communities, the Behavioral Health team at Charles Drew looked to bridge those gaps within the community.

“For our population it was a dual threat. On one side of the coin, the crisis becomes an additional stress to a population of people who already live with stress. On the flip side of the coin, the lack of community and social interaction increased depression, anxiety, and a sense of hopelessness.”

The message was simple, but practical: Practice the Five Cs–Connection, Commitment, Communion, Contain, and Continue.

Looking back, one of the greatest strengths of Charles Drew, in Larry’s eyes, was the ability to remain active. While most were waiting, frozen in their activity, Charles Drew advanced forward.

“We got better and better at it. We were doing testing on the front line when testing was just starting. As masks began to be required, we were handing them out to the community members in need. Whatever needed to be done in the face of this virus, we did it.”

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