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Rent the Revive Center


The Revive Center is an amazing and beautiful place to host your special event in the historic 24th and Lake district.

The space is extremely flexible, with high ceilings and large windows which produce natural light.

The Center is set up to seat 70, but the space can be expanded to serve 150.

Small and large groups, businesses, ministries and organizations have rented the center for morning or afternoon training sessions, luncheon meetings, evening events, celebrations and other activities.

Full audio-visual equipment is available including sound, projection and computer systems.  The Center can also help you by coordinating photography, videography, music and food using our preferred vendors.

The Revive Center has also become a great space for tour stops as visitors learn about the rich history and thriving future for 24th and Lake and North Omaha.

You can reach us via email at

Please note:  The Revive Center is recognized and officially coded as a restaurant.  No outside food is allowed, however, the team has a number of chefs and cooks available to provide an extensive menu selection of delicious items.  As a family focused environment, no alcohol is sold or allowed in the Revive Center.

Photo Highlights:

The Revive Center is a great place and beautiful setting for celebrations, events, meetings, business, community and awesome food.

You can reach us at

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