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January 12, 2019
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February 22, 2019

Fabulous food, attention to detail and five star services, all have made Natelina Mickles’ company known throughout Omaha. Natelina Mickles is the owner of TDC Personal Chef Services. The initials stand for Tastefullydone Catering. She started her catering business 19 years ago, after graduating from culinary school at Metro Community college. Mickles describes her style of food as fusion. She creates what she calls a soul food fusion by taking southern, soul food and classic dishes and spins them into one dish. Some of her client’s favorites are stewed field greens. Similar to collard greens, except they use kale, scallions, and leeks with smoked turkey necks instead of the traditional items. Another requested item is blackened tilapia filets seared in coconut oil. TDC customizes their catering services, which means they put together menus based on the clients budget. Their services range from full-service catering, buffet services to party platters for large venues.

Natelina Mickles, Owner
2001 North 35th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68111