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Revive Black Business Network

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Yolanda and I are incredibly excited to officially and formally launch the Revive Black Business Network.  We started this process over 20 years ago with the launching of our first business together.  After we both invested 10 years in advertising, research, marketing and facilitation in the media industry, we decided to venture out on our own. We had both worked in major markets and small communities across the country consulting with hundreds of large and emerging businesses.

Over the years, we launched our own businesses and have always incorporated promoting other Black entrepreneurs through SMB Enterprises, Revive Omaha Magazine, Revive Black Business Luncheon, North Omaha Guide, Revive Black Business Guide & Directory, Revive Center and now the Carver Legacy Center.  Each business evolved from the previous venture.  As we learned more about the needs of Black businesses, we created additional platforms and opportunities.  What is most exciting is the number of businesses that we’ve seen launched and expanded in Omaha.


The Revive Black Business Network!


We wanted to make sure that we had specific benefits to offer for members that would distinguish us from other organizations.  Here’s where we are today and more will be added as we finalize offerings with our national and eventually global partners.

Access to Business Growth Opportunities – Special Offers, Discounts and Attendance

  • Quarterly Black Business Summits and Workshops
  • Annual Revive Black Business Expo
  • Monthly Black Business Luncheon
  • Classes and Sessions Offered by the Black Business Network
  • Member Only Events
  • Black Business Exchange
  • Business Referrals

Advertising and Member Services – Special Offers, Discounts and Opportunities

  • Advertising in Revive Magazine and Banners and Commercials on Revive Online
  • Business Profiles and Spotlights in the Magazine and Online
  • Listing and Advertising in the Revive Black Business Guide and Directory
  • Vendor Space during Markets and Events at the Revive Center
  • Discount on Services provided by Business Network Members (listed and published annually)
  • Special Sponsorship Opportunities

Advance Notifications:  E-mail and Text

  • Financial and Business Opportunities
  • Announcements of Events, Speakers and Activities
  • Premium and advance opportunities before made available to public

Local and National Business Connections and Advocacy

  • National Cohorts and Events – Discounts and Member Only Events
    Examples:  PowerNetworking Conference with George Fraser/FraserNet
  • Member Only Events with National Strategic Partners

More benefits will be added as we continue working with our national and global partners.

Become a Member Today:  Link to Application for Membership to the Revive Black Business Network

Over the past nine years, 350+ businesses have participated in some way with our luncheons, summits, events or expos.

Friends like George Fraser, CEO of FraserNetwork, PowerNetworking and the Black Business Hall of Fame, and Dr. Pamela Jolly, CEO of Torch Enterprises, have encouraged us to step out and keep building and also agreed to make special offers available to our members.  Dr. Randal Pinkett, Tawanna Black and other entrepreneurs will also partner with the Black Business Network and continue to support community work in Omaha and across the country.

Being part of the Revive Black Business Network will start with a commitment to the Black Business Challenge and Exchange.  This is what will make the Business Network different and unique.  We are building a system.

Revive Black Business Network

  • 1. Do Business with Each Other.  Business Challenge & Exchange!
  • 2. Bank Black with Carver Legacy Center and other financial institutions that support the mission!
  • 3. Hire Youth from the Community and Invest in Youth Entrepreneurship 
  • 4. Create Living and Thriving Wage Jobs in the Community
  • 5. Support Black Media and Creative Artists
  • 6. Build Black Business Villages
  • 7. Invest in Black Entrepreneurs
  • 8. Contribute to Black Churches that support the mission!
  • 9. Contribute to Black Non Profits & Neighborhoods
  • 10. Contribute to Black Candidates and candidates that support Black businesses and community. Advocate for policies that benefit the Black community and create strong economic regions for all.

Please consider joining us on the next phase of the journey. 

Application for Membership to the Revive Black Business Network


CALENDAR for 2022

  • January:  Revive Black Business Summit
  • February:  Luncheon
  • March:  Luncheon
  • April:  Revive Black Business Summit
  • May: Revive Black Business Expo at the Empowerment Network’s Rebuilding the Village Conference
  • June:  Luncheon
  • July:  Revive Black Business Summit
  • August:  National PowerNetworking with George Fraser – Houston, Texas
  • September:  Revive Black Business Expo at the Empowerment Network’s African-American Leadership Conference
  • October:  Luncheon and Fall Festival
  • November:  Luncheon and Small Business Saturday
  • December:  Empowerment Network’s Christmas in the Village


BACKGROUND:  Personal and Professional Experience

(The Art of Giving, our first business together)

After the experience of launching The Art of Giving, a small 400 sq foot specialty retail store, a long-time dream of Yolanda’s, we jointly made a commitment to increase our spending with Black owned businesses and to assist other entrepreneurs with launching, growing and scaling their businesses.  It has been an amazing journey.

When we moved to Omaha 22 years ago, we decided to take the whole thing to a new level with our own Black Business Challenge and Exchange.  The Challenge was to increase the amount we spend personally and professionally with Black businesses each year.  The Exchange was to encourage Black businesses to do business with each other.  2022 marks 20 years since we started the Challenge and Exchange.

(Revive Center at 24th and Lake)

Looking back, the Challenge and Exchange have provided an excellent foundation for us personally and professionally to help produce measurable outcomes and results.  We have significantly increased the amount we spend with Black businesses and it feels great to see those businesses supporting each other as well.

We have started and stopped the process of formalizing the Revive Black Business Network a number of times going all the way back to 2013.  We also have amazing partnerships that have developed over the years on the local and national level and we look forward to sharing more about how we are collaborating to bring you even more opportunities.

We explored forming a chamber and had conversations with national groups.  We decided finally to launch a Business Network based on our own experiences with the opportunity to partner with other business chambers as we move forward.   So, here we go!

Please note.  We want to see all people successful.  We want to see white residents and people of color all thriving.  Our intent is to see African-American businesses thriving just like others.  This will make the Black community stronger and therefore, our towns, cities, regions, states and our nation will be stronger.  In Omaha, studies show that $4 billion of economic activity will be added to the region when all racial and ethnic groups have equal access and the equitable opportunities.  We can all win.  That doesn’t mean we all have the same things, but it means we have enough to support our families, meet our needs and walk in our own purpose!