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Beauty Shops in Omaha

Finding a place to get a your hair done is one of the first priorities when relocating to a new city.

Check out these local establishments.

Beauty Shops focusing on African-American clients

Featured Photo:  Felicia’s Beauty and Barber Salon

Source:  Revive Omaha Magazine

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Welcome to Omaha

Entertainment and Live Music

Entertainment and Live Music

Finding a place for entertainment and a night out with other African-Americans in the city may be of interest to you.

Check out these local Black-owned establishments.

Omaha has a number of places to go, but these might be a place to start.  Check out their web-sites or Facebook pages to learn more about events, schedules and bands appearances.

Dena’s Place at Highlander


2112 North 30th Street

Suite 201

30th & Patrick



Johnny T’s Bar and Blues

3825 N. 30th’sBar&Blues/105707568402761/



Revive Center Omaha


2402 Lizzie Robinson Avenue

24th and Lake



The Strut

5402 N. 90th Street



Source:  Revive Omaha Magazine

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2021 Revive Black Business Directory

Thank you for your amazing support.

Access the 4th Annual edition here:

2021 Revive Black Business Guide and Directory

“As a black-owned media company, this is one of our favorite projects.  We launched Revive Magazine 13 years ago and the Revive Business Network eight years ago.  One of our main goals was to promote the launch, growth and expansion of black businesses.  This directory is a major piece of making that happen.” – Yolanda Barney, Co-Publisher, Revive Omaha!


The 2017-2018 guide was awesome. The response from the Omaha community was outstanding. The print and online editions were distributed and shared widely.

For the past four years, we have hosted the online business guide and edition on our web-site with frequent updates.

This spring, Co-Publisher, Yolanda Barney dedicated time to fully updating the online edition and we are excited to introduce the 2021 Revive Black Business Directory with over 200 businesses.

More businesses are being added each day and week.

Thank you Michael Young for your support in helping to make the directory even easier to use!

To add your business, please email us at

Access the 2021 Revive Black Business Directory here:

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Welcome to Omaha

Buying a Home or Finding a Place to Rent: Black Real Estate Agents

Buying a Home and Finding a Neighborhood

An African-American real estate agent can help you find the perfect home and a great neighborhood.

Black Real Estate Agents and Owners

Featured Photo:  Miami Heights

Source:  Revive Omaha Magazine

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