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Black Elected Officials and other Key Office Holders

Published:  October 21, 2021



City Officials:

Juanita Johnson
City Councilwoman
City of Omaha


State Senators:

Justin Wayne
State Senator
District 13


Terrell McKinney
State Senator
District 11


County Officials:

Chris Rodgers
County Commissioners Chair


John Ewing
Douglas County Treasurer



Dr. Shavonna L. Holman
Omaha Public Schools Board


Marque Snow
Omaha Public Schools Board

Ricky Smith
Omaha Public Schools Board

Kimara Snipes
Omaha Public Schools Board



Mayor Jean Stothert
City of Omaha
Mayor’s Hotline:  402-444-5555


Pete Festersen
City Councilman
City of Omaha

US Congress:
Don Bacon
U.S. Congressman

Deb Fischer
U.S. Senator

Source:  Revive Omaha Magazine

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Community Features

Where do we go from here? Take 10-15 Minutes to Complete the Transformation 2025 Survey

We need your input to help set priorities and update the Transformation 2025 Plan to positively impact African-Americans, North Omaha and the Greater Omaha area.

Please take 10-15 minutes to complete this survey:


Transformation 2025 Background and Progress:

The first phase of the Transformation 2025 plan formally launched in 2015 had specific goals, strategies and benchmarks.

Over 4,000 adults and 4,000 youth have provided input on the initial plan which has been updated with recommendations from the community and leaders from every sector on an annual basis.

Collectively, we were able to make measurable progress for African-Americans and North Omaha residents which has had a positive impact on the entire region.  Hundreds of organizations and thousands of residents have participated in the work to create the momentum and these results:

Collective Results 2009-2019 (Before COVID):

  • Reduced unemployment from a high of 20% to 7.5%.  Connected over 2,000 residents to employment.
  • Increased youth employment.  Connected over 6,500 youth to career exploration, jobs and internships.
  • Increased household incomes.  From a low of $34,170 to a high of $39,434.
  • Reduced poverty.  32% to 22%.
  • Increased high school graduation rates.  64% to a high of 80%.
  • Increase the number with college degrees.  16% to a high of 22%.
  • Increase the number of housing units in North Omaha.  Over 1,000 new mixed-income units developed.
  • Reduced gun violence.  Decreased as much as -74% before spiking again in 2020 in the midst of COVID.
  • Started the process of rebuilding the arts, culture, entertainment and business district at 24th and Lake.
  • Increased visits to the North Omaha Village Zone area (16th to 36th, Cumings to Pratt).  Hosted events attracting over 5,000 to the district.
  • Served as catalysts to generate hundreds of millions in public/private redevelopment in North Omaha.

(Data Sources:  American Community Survey, Census; UNO Research; Omaha Public Schools; Nebraska Dept. of Education; Omaha Police Department, City of Omaha – Planning Department and others)

There’s a lot more work ahead.  Together, we can create more positive change.

Help set the priorities for the next five years by updating the Transformation 2025 Plan.

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Welcome to Omaha

Buying a Home or Finding a Place to Rent: Black Real Estate Agents

Buying a Home and Finding a Neighborhood

An African-American real estate agent can help you find the perfect home and a great neighborhood.

Black Real Estate Agents and Owners

Featured Photo:  Miami Heights

Source:  Revive Omaha Magazine

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Welcome to Omaha

Finding a Beauty Salon in Omaha

Beauty Shops in Omaha

Finding a place to get a your hair done is one of the first priorities when relocating to a new city.

Check out these local establishments.

Beauty Shops focusing on African-American clients

Featured Photo:  Felicia’s Beauty and Barber Salon

Source:  Revive Omaha Magazine

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