Worthy Dental

Q&A: Dr. Justin Jones
6530 Sorensen Parkway
(402) 571-7200

Tell us about Worthy Dental and the services you offer:
The mission at Worthy Dental is to educate the public about dental disease, provide the highest quality dental treatment and maintain a familial approach in the treatment of our patients. My little brother, Marcus Jones, is the inspiration for the name of my practice. He was given the nickname “Worthy.” It stuck until the day he passed away in 1999 from diabetes. He was 22 years old and unaware he had the disease until it was too late. The services that we offer include:Bridges, Crowns, Dentures, Extractions, Implant Restorations, Partials, Pediatric, Restorative Procedures, Veneers and Whitening.

What intrigued you to pursue a career in the dental field?
I am actually a Wisconsin native. So, my passion for dentistry began on long bus rides across the city of Racine, Wisconsin just to get to the dentist. My mother would take us all the way across town on multiple city busses for dental visits because there were no dentists in my neighborhood, which was a low-income, predominantly African American, underserved area. I was impressed with the dentists’ work ethic, not to mention my own smile was greatly improved. So, my goal since childhood has been to serve the community in which I live by providing the finest and most comfortable dental care possible.

After my parents divorced, my father, my younger brother and myself relocated to Omaha in 1990. I attended and graduated from Central High School, all the while with the goal of attending college and then dental school.

What are your hopes and visions for North Omaha?
My vision for North Omaha is for it to become a modern day “Black Wall Street.” There was a community in Tulsa, Oklahoma called Greenwood. It is the home of the GAP Band and was known as “The Black Wall Street.” This area was a vital African American community. Greenwood Avenue was home to the Black American commercial district which included many thriving businesses, including grocery stores, banks, libraries, and much more.

This was one of the most successful and wealthiest African American communities in the United States during the early 20th Century. Successful African Americans helping each other make their community vital and strong. That’s what I want for North Omaha.