Salute to Excellence (2016–2017 School Year)

Revive! Omaha Magazine is once again excited to celebrate African-American high school students in Omaha Public Schools who have achieved a 3.5 or higher cumulative grade point average during the 2016–2017 school year.

One of the primary reasons we launched Revive! Omaha Magazine nine years ago was to highlight African-American students who have excelled in the classroom and beyond. We recognize and honor these students, families, teachers and others who support their success in and outside the classroom.

To the seniors who have graduated and moved on to post-secondary opportunities, we wish you well. We trust that you will continue to set the standard and lead by example in your new surroundings.

To the underclassmen who are continuing your high school experience, we want to encourage you to continue achieving greatness and to finish strong. We at
Revive! and those in the community would love to see you again in next year’s edition. And, for those who are just starting high school, we hope you will use this as inspiration to be listed among these high-flying academic champions.

Congratulations to all!