Opportunities for High School Students (OPS)

Throughout the years, Omaha Public Schools (OPS) has created a wide array of opportunities for students and parents to maximize their high school years. The following are some of the opportunities that are offered within the high school arena.

International Baccalaureate®

International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs are offered at Central High School, and Lewis and Clark Middle School within OPS. The IB Diploma Program is designed as an academically challenging and balanced program of education with final examinations that prepare students for success both at the university and life beyond.

  • The curriculum is designed to ensure a cohesive, comprehensive education for students no matter where they live in the world.
  • The program allows for student and school flexibility in choosing areas of academic interest for student research.


All OPS high schools offer an array of honors courses in both core content and elective courses. These courses enhance and enrich learning experiences by accelerating the pace of instruction, by going deeper into the discipline’s knowledge and practice, and by using sophisticated levels of advanced thinking.

Enrollment in honors and advanced courses is determined by standardized assessments, classroom performance, motivation, and other established criteria.

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP)program in OPS offers high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses in a high school setting.

• OPS high schools currently offer thirty different AP courses.

• A cooperative education endeavor between the secondary schools and colleges/universities.

• Classes have been developed and are taught by dedicated teachers.

• Classes are approved by the CollegeBoard.

• Successful completion of AP Exams offers students the opportunity to earn advanced academic college credit.

• Substantial savings for families on college courses normally taken in freshman and sophomore years in college.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (DE) provides high school students the opportunity to take college credit-bearing courses taught by college-approved high school teachers at a fraction of the cost.

• Eligible courses allow students to earn high school credit and transcripted college credit at the time they pass the course.

• High school students receive reduced tuition rates, and credits earned may transfer to another college or university.

• OPS partners with Metropolitan Community College (MCC), University of Nebraska (UNO), Creighton University (CU), Midland University (MU), and Nebraska Wesleyan University (NWU) to provide dual enrollment opportunities in Advanced Placement (AP), Career Education, and Magnet Program/Special Program courses.

• Each partner institution determines their own policies and guidelines regarding tuition costs, application deadlines, acceptance, and transferability of credits.

• The state of Nebraska offers the Access College Early (ACE) scholarship for low-income high school students.

Career Academies

Career Academies are small learning communities within the larger high school consisting of high school students who are interested in a particular career theme. These student cohorts take academic and career education courses together centered on a career field.

• Benson High Magnet School- Health and Wellness, Construction and Design, and Business

• Bryan High School- Urban Agriculture, Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

• Burke High School-Air and Space, Focus (Leadership, Information Technology, and Communication)

• North High Magnet School- Engineering

• Northwest Magnet High School- Law, Public Safety, and Security

• South High Magnet School- Information Technology

OPS Career Center

The Omaha Public Schools Career Center is located at the Teacher Administrative Center (TAC) and offers career-oriented courses for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  It is an extension of the home high school and allows students to study electives that are not available elsewhere. It gives students a glimpse into a career at no extra expense. It also allows them the opportunity to determine which career is the best fit for them.

• Transportation is available from their home school except for the Zoo Partnership and UNMC High School Alliance.

• Industry certification and college credit are offered in many of the different career programs.

The career fields include:

• The University Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) High School Alliance

• Certified Nursing Assistant

• Emergency Medical Technician

• Zoo Academy

• Digital Video Production

• Photography

• Welding

• Electrical Systems Technology

• Construction

• Culinary Skills

• Automotive Technician

• Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing

• Summer Internship

For a complete list of the opportunities available within OPS, please visit OPS.org.