North End Teleservices set to bring up to 200 jobs to North Omaha…

New business officially opened today with ribbon cutting, press conference and job fair.

North End Teleservices, a state of the art, 75 seat call and contact center opened its doors on Thursday, August 13, 2015, in North Omaha during a ribbon cutting and press conference attended by residents, elected officials, business partners and community leaders. With two highly successful and seasoned executives from the telecommunications industry leading the way, the new business has the potential to bring up to 200 jobs, including 20 managerial positions to the reemerging area.

“North Omaha is moving forward,” said City Council President Ben Gray. “We have over $400 million dollars in development occurring in North Omaha right now. This is one of the most important projects because it directly impacts employment.”

Michael Maroney, President and CEO of Omaha Economic Development Corporation which helped secure financing to launch the business said, “This a big step in addressing the jobs crisis which has faced North Omaha for many years. OEDC will be actively involved in helping to bring sustainable employment opportunities to our community. I want to thank our board for making this investment.”

A well-attended community open house and job fair was also held on Thursday, August 13th, between 5 and 8 pm. The starting wage will be in the $10 to $13 range and also include benefits. Managerial positions will range from $30,000 to $70,000+.

North End has started the hiring process and will continue recruiting for the following positions: customer service agents, call center supervisors, call center trainer, quality assurance analysts, administrative assistants and workforce management. Applicants can contact North End Teleservices for more information about the open positions.

OEDC has partnered with two dynamic leaders to develop, grow and expand the enterprise. North End CEO Ed Taylor has an outstanding track record in the telecommunications industry. He was one of the driving forces behind the global growth of SITEL. Taylor has teamed with Carmen Baker, President and COO, to do something which has been talked about for decades, bring a full service call center to North Omaha.

They have held leadership roles in companies such as First Data Resources, Convergys, Carlson Companies, WATS Marketing, Matrix Marketing, and Sitel. The North End executive team combined contact center experience spans nearly 60 years.

“I grew up in this industry,” said Baker. “We are working to recruit people from the community who will see this as a career path. We will offer competitive wages with benefits and the best work environment in the city. We are investing in industry leading equipment and will focus on delivering the highest quality service available, so we will create a place where people come first and they want to be here.”

Walking through the new office space at 1500 North 24th Street, it is apparent North End is committed to deliver on that promise. Every detail of the building, from the vibrant color themes and inspirational quotes on the walls to the work stations, equipment, training, quality assurance and break rooms exude excellence.

North End Teleservices is a full service contact center. They will offer an inclusive range of “shared and dedicated operational” services: customer service, sales, reservations, member services, back-office support and overflow and after hours support. The company will specialize in the Insurance, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Financial and Retail sectors.

Mayor Jean Stothert added, “Thank you for your investment and commitment to North Omaha. One of my goals is to promote job and economic growth in our city. That includes more jobs, especially in the economically challenged parts of our city…new businesses and new development often start a chain reaction.”

North End Teleservices will operate out of a 10,000 square foot office in a space owned by OEDC and will contribute to filling important gaps identified by the community. Jobs, career paths, contracts and business development and community ownership are the top priorities for North Omaha.

The job opportunities come at a very important and strategic moment for North Omaha. Community leaders, elected officials, business executives and foundations with the encouragement of residents are beginning to invest more in mixed-income housing, employment opportunities, job training and entrepreneurship in targeted neighborhoods in North Omaha.

“We’re making progress on a number of fronts, but this announcement is huge because it brings jobs directly to the heart of where we need them the most,” said Willie Barney, President and Facilitator of the Empowerment Network.”

Another great result is by keeping employees in North Omaha, local businesses will benefit. “We are working towards creating economic engines which will generate more financial activity and keep dollars flowing inside the community. This partnership and investment by OEDC and North End is a great example of what’s possible and there’s more to come.”

A quick review of job growth and expansion over the past 40 years in Omaha reveals most of the higher paying employment opportunities have appeared west of 680. Residents in North Omaha have found it difficult to get to those jobs as public transportation is a major issue and a high percentage of potential employees do not have reliable personal vehicles.

“People want the same types of opportunities as everyone else,” said John Ewing, Douglas County Treasurer and Board Chair of the Empowerment Network. “There’s no reason why a person shouldn’t be able to live, work, worship, shop and play in their own neighborhood. This is another great step forward.”

“We’re still early in the process,” Ed Taylor reminded everyone. “We’re not where we will be in 3 months or 3 years. All I can say is watch us grow. We will compete globally and help generate more positive change in this community by providing high quality jobs, a career path to ownership and changing perceptions. We will let our work speak for us.”

Taylor added, “We’re not just opening a business. We’re looking to help change lives.”

Comments from Other Leaders:

Ernest White, Vice-President – American National Bank and Board Member of OEDC – “You have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there. You have to be humble as you execute, but visionary and gigantic in terms of your aspirations. It’s not about grand innovations, it’s about a lot of little innovations every day, every week, every month, making something a little better. That’s how North End came to be.”

State Senator Tanya Cook – “This is a great day for our community. North Omahan’s want to work and support their families. Locating career-track employment here, that is mortgage paying jobs and employment, we are committed to anchoring the community as a whole.”

Chris Rodgers – Douglas County Commissioner – “This was an exciting day for northeast Douglas County, the City of Omaha and the Metro area. I want to thank Ed Taylor and Carmen Baker for their entrepreneurial spirit and faith to invest in the community, and commend the Omaha Economic Decelopment Corporation for it years of perseverance and commitment to north Omaha.”

John Ewing, Douglas County Treasurer and Board Chair of the Empowerment Network – “It’s exciting news for North Omaha and our entire city. Employment is one of the major priorities of the Empowerment Network as we have listened to the community. We developed Step-Up Omaha and we’re expanding it to a year round initiative. And, now with the leadership of OEDC – one of our long-term partners – and North End, a great career path opportunity has been created.”

Primus Jones, Board President of North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance – “On behalf of the North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance, it is truly a great day for the city of Omaha and the North Omaha community. To see the possibility of 200 jobs being brought to the North Omaha community is a great thing. North Omaha will benefit from this greatly, socially and economically. This is a turn in the right direction as we build North Omaha to be self sufficient and economically stable.”

Kyle Keith, Program Director – North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance – “This is a landmark achievement, not only for Mr. Maroney and OEDC, but the North Omaha community as a whole. Economic stability is one, if not the factor that is going to bring this part of the city into its full capabilities. Today, thanks to OEDC, we have taken a huge step in that direction.”

North End Teleservices, LLC
Located in Northeast Omaha, Nebraska, North End Teleservices LLC was founded with a strong belief in urban development. Our mission is for local communities and residents to fully participate in and realize the benefits that come from community development and revitalization projects. We believe this is best achieved through the creation of jobs and sustainable career paths within urban communities.

Minority-owned, operated and founded as a community based investment by the Omaha Economic Development Corporation, our CEO Ed Taylor, and our President and COO Carmen Baker, have played an instrumental role in developing contact center capabilities locally and globally. They have held leadership roles in companies such as First Data Resources, Convergys, Carlson Companies, WATS Marketing, Matrix Marketing, and Sitel. Our executive team combined contact center experience spans nearly 60 years and includes managing national and international operations for clients including: General Motors, Phillips, Hyatt Hotels, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allstate Insurance, Allstate Motor Club, and JC Penny Insurance.