Knowledge: From the Inside Out

Never in our lives have we met any child whose ambition in life is to stand on a street corner begging for enough cash to buy a meal. Yet, in every metropolitan area people like this exist. We see them and may offer them some type of assistance, but the greater question we ask is why they are there. What caused their spirits to give up on achieving their dreams?

One major deterrent to success is an education that is adequate enough to allow us to achieve what we desire. Few will become CEOs of major corporations without the educational arsenal qualifying them to do so. We should heed to these words, “If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you’d better wake up and pay attention!”

Education, however, is more than just a way to achieve material success. Education also satisfies the aspirations of the person inside of us that yearns to participate in the creative progression of life. The person inside of us that longs to contribute to society and make a difference by doing something that allows us to be a part of that progression. We know that we are here for a purpose, yet so many never pursue the answer. Too many settle for “existing” instead of “living.” Existing may allow us to pay the bills, but it does not satisfy the longing within us to live our lives to the magnitude our inner being wants to experience. We always feel like something is missing. Education can help us eradicate that feeling.

Education requires sacrifice, discipline, and dedication. It requires us to demolish the boundaries of our comfort zones and learn. More importantly, education does not come with an expiration date. News articles report people as old as 105 achieving their degrees. Life may delay us from acquiring knowledge, but it will never stop us from acquiring knowledge. We alone can do that.

If the desire to know more, see more, or do more is still unsettled inside, perhaps returning to an institution for higher learning is in order. Knowledge is no respecter of persons and she welcomes all who seek her. She requires diligence, persistence and devotion. She promises in the process to unlock the shackles imprisoning our spirits from the lack of her presence in our lives.