Frontier Bag Company, Inc.

Frontier Bag Company, Inc. is a family-owned business that was started over 70 years ago in North Omaha. Founded by Amos and Alberta Pearl, the company was originally named Midwest Bag Company and located on 24th Street. In the early years, the company cleaned and repaired burlap bags and sold multiwall paper bags, primarily used by the agricultural market. The bags were used by farmers, feed stores and distributors throughout the mid-west territories of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas.

In the early fifties, Midwest Bag was renamed Frontier Bag Company, Inc. and relocated to their present location, at 2414- 2420 Grant Street. After the passing of Amos T. Pearl, the company continued to thrive with Alberta at the helm keeping their core business products and ethics, until her death in early 1987. Alberta was succeeded by their youngest daughter Judy Pearl-Lee who joined the business to continue and expand the company legacy.

Today, Frontier Bag Company, Inc. serves numerous corporations, companies, governmental agencies and community organizations. The company manufactures textile bags and distributes polyethylene products for both consumer and industrial clients. Their customers range from medical, pharmaceutical, food manufacturer, food service, schools, churches to social organizations.

The consumer manufactured products include tote bags, backpacks, parking meter covers, medical cases, soil sample bags for states and sandbags for emergency flood control. They also distribute a wide range of industrial polyethylene products—bags, sheeting, and tubing, etc., which are commonly used in the medical, manufacturing, retail, law enforcement and foodservice industries. Over 70 years ago, the company established the mission to meet the needs of each and every customer. Today, Frontier Bag Company INC. continues to live by its mission to provide quality products and services to each client.

President J. M. Pearl Lee
2420 Grant Street
Omaha, NE 60111