Creating Memories

Some of the best memories I have of my grandfather are the ones we spent talking together. My earliest memory is walking hand in hand around his house as he checked on his lawn – my 5 year old hand in his. My grandfather always took time to be with me – talking about life, dreams, and goals. Those times were always special to me. I loved my grandfather and I loved spending time with him.

Amidst the busyness, it can be difficult to find quality time together. However, family time doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. It can be fun and relaxing. Some ideas may include:

Movie Night
Rent a movie or watch one on TV. Turn the lights off to get the full effect of being in a movie theater. Have snacks on hand to enjoy while watching the movie.

Story Telling
Whether it’s reading books together or making up your own stories. Take turns adding on to the story to make it original. This can be done at the dinner table while eating dinner.

This can be done indoors. Set up a couple of chairs a few feet apart and drape a blanket over the chairs. Voila! You have a tent. Serve camp snacks such as trail mix or s’mores made in the kitchen. Turn the lights off and use a flashlight instead.

Talent Show
This is a fun way to show off each family member’s talent.
Game Night Gather around and play board games, card games, or create a game that is unique to the family.

Family time is not only time well spent with one another, it’s also about making memories. Memories that will be cherished and passed on to future generations.