Churches have long played an important role in pushing for civil rights, advocating for justice and leading community revitalization efforts in communities. Visitors and new residents will find most churches in North Omaha not only offer great services on the weekends, but many are dedicated to work outside the walls – in the community. Groups like the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, New Era Baptist, Empowerment Network Pastors and Faith Leaders Covenant and others are active with adopt-a-block, Village Stakeholders, jail and prison ministries, youth ministries, church-based economics, violence prevention initiatives, educational programs, and provide positive outreach and activities for youth, residents and neighborhoods.

Building on the legacy and community leadership shown by Rev. J.C. Wade, Rev. J.H. Whittington, Rev. Z.W. Williams, Rev. L.C. Menyweather-Woods, Rev. Negil McPherson and Jeremiah McGhee, pastors and ministers have picked up the torch, including: Pastors Tony Sanders, T. Michael Williams, Portia Cavitt, Bruce and Pat Williams, Edna Perkins, Ed Rollerson, Teela Mickels, Cedric Perkins, Bishop John Ford, Jeff Booth, Dave Gehrls, and others.

Eagle’s Nest hosts one of the area’s largest back-to-school book bag giveaways. The New Era Baptist hosts one of the largest award ceremonies, the AAWESOME Awards, recognizing African-American students with a 3.0 GPA or higher. North Omaha is also home to para-church ministries that provide tremendous services in the community. Williams Prepared Place, Compassion in Action, Hope Center for Kids, Salvation Army, Abide Ministries and countless others assist with meeting the needs of residents and preparing youth and residents for success. These are just a few of the examples of the faith-based ministries working to improve the community.

Put your faith to work and make a commitment to get involved with these and other ministries.