ACT for Juniors in Omaha Public Schools (OPS)

In 2016, the Nebraska Legislature passed a law requiring that all juniors take the ACT exam. The ACT replaces the previous NeSA reading, mathematics, science, and writing statewide assessments given to eleventh-grade students.

The opportunity to take the ACT during the school day lessens the burden on families. OPS will take care of the registration process for students for the test date, and families won’t need to cover the cost.

The scores students receive can be used for college entrance and scholarship applications. For students who have already taken the exam, it gives them another opportunity to increase their score.

The greatest benefit may come to students who haven’t taken the ACT yet. Students may realize that college is within reach. Students have multiple test preparation materials and other resources available to them, including the ACT Online Prep (AOP), which is a web-based tool paid for by the state.

All students have a login and can access the online prep site at: